Safe Soulmates Member Agreement

Terms of Business

Safe Soulmates wants you to have fun in a SAFE way and for other people to have fun in a SAFE way too.  For that reason, to join Safe Soulmates you must agree to the following Safe Soulmates Guidelines. Please understand that Safe Soulmates is not a support service, at our events, members are free to come and go as they wish. We cannot supervise everyone at all times, for this reason if people need support, they should come with a trusted adult. Thank you

What will Safe Soulmates do for me and what do they expect from me?

Safe Soulmates:

  • Will be respectful to you at all times;
  • Will do their best to find you a one-to-one match if that’s what you want, but success is NOT guaranteed;
  • Will not accept inappropriate behaviour towards you or by you;  
  • Reserves the right to cancel any membership if they think that you are not following Safe Soulmates guidelines.

Members should:

  • Act in a kind and respectful way to all other members and staff;
  • Understand that building friendships and relationships can take time;
  • Understand that friendships and relationships have boundaries and those boundaries should be respected;
  • Understand that if you have strong feelings for someone, the other person might not feel the same;
  • Understand that in friendships and relationships, no means no;
  • Pay for your own activities/food/drink yourself.  You do not need to buying things for other members;
  • Attend Dhiverse workshops on sex, friendships, relationships, boundaries and online safety (and any other workshops run by Dhiverse’s ABC programme) should Safe Soulmates think it appropriate;
  • Talk to Christine or Vicky at Safe Soulmates if you have any questions;
  • Agree that Safe Soulmates is not a support service, we hold no responsibility for members, they must come with support if required. Safe Soulmates staff, volunteers and students cannot supervise at all times.

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