June 14th: Party with Rob Bradshaw and Safe Soulmates in Huntingdon. Email for more details:

Safe Soulmates is a community of neurodivergent and disabled people who enjoy socialising and getting to know others in person and online.  We run approximately 10 social groups a month throughout Cambridgeshire and extra smaller groups for those who are more anxious. Events may include: pub visits, going to gigs, karaoke, bowling, cinema, theatre, theme park, trip to the beach. We also run groups online: a film club and gaming group on a Monday, a roleplay group on a Tuesday, and social group on a Wednesday.


We also have groups that are open to the wider neurodivergent and disabled community. These are in Huntingdon and Peterborough, contact us for more details.



Our list of socials changes, but to give you an idea of the kinds of groups we are running on Zoom and in person: 


  • Gaming
  • Movie Club 


  • Role Play


  • Huggle Group, which includes workshops and chats with Viv (2 hours)

As well as these we organise singles nights.

In person meet ups are hosted around what people want to do and take place in Cambridge, Peterborough, March, Huntingdon and St Neots. 

  • Bowling;
  • Pub Nights;
  • Mates and Dates Nights;
  • Coffee meet ups;
  • Walks;
  • Shopping trips;
  • Board game cafe meet ups;
  • Archaeology meet up;
  • Birthday parties;
  • Discos;
  • We also organise romantic dates and small friendship groups.
Group of people on Zoom
2 Women outside West End Theatre
Group of people having fun sitting in a park on the grass
People paddling in the sea