For more information contact Vicky Baddeley on 07935866219 or Christine O’Neil on 07493 542963.

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We are a new not-for-profit organisation in Cambridgeshire (Community Interest Company Number: 11425800) and we help 18+ adults with additional needs (autism or learning disability mainly) meet new people, socialise, create friendships and/or find love. We support friendship and dating in a safe way. Everyone deserves to find happiness in their lives and be free from loneliness and isolation.


Safe Soulmates is run by Vicky Baddeley and Christine O’Neil, who founded the organisation in December 2018 after witnessing the widespread loneliness, isolation and abuse people were suffering, both online and in real life. The pair have 18 years of experience in the sector between them. Both are passionate about enabling people to find love and happiness in a safe way, free from financial and sexual abuse. 

We are very lucky to have Stacey Lee as part of the team, she is a Divisional Head of Finance at Addenbrooke’s and keeps us on our toes in terms of finances. 

We also have a fantastic steering group, comprising four Safe Soulmates’ members and three professionals, who work within the sector.  They give vital feedback and guide the service.


Our social mission is to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many people with additional needs feel, due to loneliness and social isolation, prevent abuse, as well as to help improve the mental wellbeing of our members. We want to provide the social opportunities (currently via video conferencing, email and telephone) to connect likeminded people, so they can build strong relationships and friendships, the positive repercussions of which will filter through to their day-to-day lives, enabling people to access work opportunities, with us perhaps in the future, or with other employers. 


Our social groups usually comprise of 10 people or fewer, who all have the chance to chat, socialise and meet new friends.  Because we now have 67 members, we arrange social groups to include people who we particularly think will get on.  These groups not only allow people to develop friendships, but also allow people to develop romantic connections. 


If a romantic connection happens Safe Soulmates chaperones the date match and signposts to Dhiverse, with whom we work closely, who run workshops about relationships, friendships, boundaries, sex and consent, as well as online safety. 

We also offer a matching service, those we think might get on for friendship or romance we will introduce through Zoom or face-to-face when we can.