What We Do

Are you lonely or isolated?

Do you want to socialise more, find new friends or a soulmate?

Safe Soulmates is a not-for-profit friendship and dating organisation for neurodivergent and disabled adults, launched in February 2019, after carrying out extensive consultation.  Our aim is to match adults 18+ to appropriate friends and/or to their potential soulmate in a SAFE and supported way. We also run monthly social events, so if you or the person you care for would rather just have fun in a group environment, we can help. We also work closely with Dhiverse, in particular with Liz MacKenzie from the ABC programme, who provides our Soulmates with valuable advice around boundaries, online safety, sex and relationships.

Safe Soulmates is run by Christine O’Neil, Vicky Baddeley and our board and steering group

To view a copy of our latest accounts, please click here: Accounts.

If you join Safe Soulmates, we:

  • will meet you and/or the 18+ adult you care for;
  • get to know all clients individually;
  • Run social events online and in person. These events will focus on making socialising less pressurised.

Safe Soulmates support you in:

  • accessing relationship workshops delivered by Dhiverse free of charge;
  • finding a chaperone to attend at least the first two outings, but ideally we encourage parents or trusted adults to do this.

Friendship and date matches are currently on Zoom.

We want you or the person you care for to have fun and to be happy, and will work hard to ensure that happens.