We are so pleased you are with us, we hope you are having fun getting to know some lovely people.

If you are anxious about anything or you want to talk to us, please call Christine on 07493 542963 or Vicky on 07935 866219.

Or book an appointment to speak with us here.

The membership section is only for Soulmates and is here to help you with your friendships and relationships. 

If you would like to leave anonymous feedback (positive or negative) about Safe Soulmates, please click here.  This will help us to improve what we do.

If you would like to become a buddy to a new Soulmate (a buddy is someone who helps to make someone else welcome) and you have been with us for longer than a year, then please click here.  

To help you learn about friendships and relationships, we work with Dhiverse, in particular with Liz MacKenzie, who is on our steering group.  To find out more about what Dhiverse do and how they can help you as an individual or as part of a couple, please click here.

To find resources about sex, boundaries, consent and relationships in general, please click here.